The award-winning MEMEX smart manufacturing tool-kit makes the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 come alive on the factory floor. MERLIN Tempus is the took-kit’s software foundation. It equips industrial machines with the necessary interfaces for data-driven manufacturing, then presents that data in Web-enabled dashboard reports so machine operators, factory managers, engineers, production managers, continuous improvement managers and senior management can work together to dramatically improve productivity and profit. MERLIN Tempus delivers a 10%-50% average productivity increase, earns 20%-plus profit improvement based on just a 10% increase in Overall Equipment Effectiveness, achieves payback in less than four months with an Internal Rate of Return greater than 300%, and ensures no machine is left behind – connecting them with MTConnect, other protocols, or MERLIN hardware adapters for older machines. Combined with MERLIN Tempus, MEMEX’s Continuous Improvement Fast-Track Services reveal ongoing factory productivity gains and ROI for years to come. To learn more, please visit:





“We can tell at a glance how we are doing, and the basis is in real-time and historical data. There is so much information, accurate and detailed, all easily accessed whereas before it was difficult to find information if it was even available”
- Ben Schawe, Vice President of Manufacturing, Mazak
“We have had a significant increase.  In the last year and a half, we have gone from an average of 40% OEE across the shop to 82% OEE across the shop.”
- Ryan Bishop, Operations Manager
“At Sun Hydraulics, we are using MERLIN today as part of our ongoing process improvement effort to drive greater efficiency and have been very pleased with its features and the support we’ve received from MEMEX. After a presentation and demonstration of the new MERLIN Tempus, we are looking forward to implementing the next generation of MERLIN in our production facilities.” 
- MERLIN Project Lead at Sun Hydraulics Corporation
“By monitoring MERLIN’s Real-Time data screens every hour, I believe my team is leading the way in the industry, making history as a quality manufacturer operating at highly competitive costs” 
- Plant Manager, Global Wood Group