Industrial Network Systems

For more than 20 years, INS has provided our manufacturing and industrial clients with best-in-class solutions to improve their overall business performance. We have successfully applied thousands of software, hardware and training solutions that were focused on collecting, coordinating and synchronizing plant information throughout the entire enterprise.
INS offers our customers scalable factory automation solutions that deliver increased productivity and ROI from the plant floor and throughout the enterprise. Our focus is on providing solutions that collect, distribute, control and provide visibility into real-time manufacturing intelligence, while helping our clients realize business value through better utilization of that intelligence.




“Industrial Network Systems has and continues to act in the capacity of our manufacturing partner and not just a valued vendor. They began first by working with us to define a path toward our operational improvement goals, and then sought the right commercially available technologies to help us get there. In each phase of our journey, they have provided insight, expertise and the right solutions to help us realize operational efficiencies and competitive differentiation.”
- Director of Manufacturing, Cheese Processor