Hänel Storage Systems



Founded in Germany in 1953, Hänel established its U.S. headquarters as Hänel Storage Systems in Pittsburgh, PA in 1984, and has become the premier supplier of vertical carousels and vertical lift modules in North America.  Since the 1950s, the name ‘Hänel’ has stood for innovative solutions in automated records and materials handling.
Hänel vertical storage systems can be developed to meet almost any need.  Hänel products share a few key benefits that make them ideal for so many applications, including increased floor space, improved inventory control, greater productivity, enhanced security and greater workplace safety. The continuous refinement of our products and software means that the solutions we offer today will meet the requirements of tomorrow.




Our vertical storage solutions can be customized to any application, and provide numerous advantages to our customers, including:
  1. Increased floor space – Vertical storage frees existing floor space that can be used for storing more inventory or other uses, without the high cost of new construction.  Customers can reclaim up to 80% of their space.
  2. Improved inventory control, with accuracy to over 99% - Hänel inventory management options reduce overstocking, parts shortages, expired items and the time spent on correcting errors.
  3. Greater productivity – Parts can be picked and placed in less time and with fewer people, to save a significant amount of time.
  4. Enhanced security – Valuable inventory is stored within an enclosed unit, protected by lock and key, password access, keycard swipe barcode scan or RFID reader.
  5. Greater workplace safety – Parts are brought directly to the user, eliminating the need to search rows of shelving and access bulky items via reaching, stooping, and climbing ladders that can lead to injury.
Hänel was the first producer of vertical lift technology to develop an EcoDrive® system, which converts a machine’s kinetic energy into electrical energy that is fed it back into the electrical supply system, requiring less new electricity.


“The system saved us approximately $180,000 the first year.”
- David Troeter, National Parts Manager, Stiles Machinery
“I can leave here at night and know that every order is gone, and I know that every order is accurate.”
- Mike Joynt, President, Mississippi Valley Stihl
“Hänel units take up 75% less floor space than shelving or racks, freeing that room for other uses.”
- Customer in the Defense Industry