Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel, Chicago, Illinois
October 1-3rd, 2017

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Renaissance Schaumburg
October 1-3rd, 2017

Why is My Pass Free

This relates to the element of the program where we coordinate one-on-one meetings with sponsors. Sponsors derive a great deal of value from this format and as a result they are willing to pay a premium investment that covers the cost of your attendance.

So what exactly is expected from me?

You are responsible to attend a series of one-on-one meetings with leading technology and services companies that are in a position to make your operations more efficient.

Each attendee has designated meeting blocks spread out over the conference. During these specified periods we will connect you with up to 10 different sponsors for a 20-25 minute meeting. The one-on-one meetings amount to 25% of your scheduled time at the overall event. The remaining 75% of your time is spent in networking functions, keynote presentations, and breakout sessions.

If you have any questions or reservations about this model, check out the written comments from past attendees below or feel free to contact Kristin Hennes, Attendee Relations Manager at 310-870-1308 ext 104 with questions or to understand more. If you have no interest in researching solutions or do not wish to participate in structured meetings then you can inquire about an Educator Pass for $990.